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Circle of Rythmn and what we learned from it!

On Sept. 26th and 27th families of youth aged 9 - 14 joined Akawui, Edgar and Marg for our fall circles of rythmn. We met at Beaver Barracks and did our drumming and artwork on the grounds of the Museum of Nature in Ottawa. We learned that we can create some awesome rythmns of Indigenous nations of North, South and Central America, that we can introduce kids and their parents to diverse shakers and drums, and that we can jam together in a truly energetic and exciting way after only a couple of our hours of being in circle. We also learned that rythmn can inspire artmaking and the ideas from this circle will be made into larger art pieces to be installed in Beaver Barracks in the coming year! Join us in the spring for our next two day Circle of Rythmn!

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