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A collective is made up of people who contribute knowledge, skills and values. An Indigenous run Collective is about the connections between people, nations, territories, lands and spirits! Collectives are about our good relations and at the Eagle and Condor Collective we have people who play key roles in ensuring our circle of understanding and sharing continue. Meet some of our members:

Marg Boyle - Eagle Clan, Metisssage (Mi'gmaq) Founder and Mentor Artist - Marg started the collective in 2017 to encourage Indigenous knowledge carriers, musicians, artists and other performing artists to share knowledge and build sustainable ways of protecting our sacred planet - pachamama - tierra madre, terre mere. Marg was an educator for 30 years and founded the in 2008. She is a Visual Artist, Writer, Drummer, Dancer and Craftsperson. 

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Akawui - Mapuche, Chile/Canada, Musician and Mentor Artist - Author-composer.Akawui breathes new life into the ancient rhythms of his Andean ancestors through dubstep, hip hop, Afro-Cuban mambo and reggaeton.

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Edgar Hernandez - Working Group Director and Mentee Artist - Aguacateco speaking Mayan from Guatemala, Edgar Hernandez is based in Ottawa, Canada. In 2015, the artist was awarded the University of Ottawa prize in sculpture. Edgar Hernandez is a prolific artist whose work in sculpture, film, media projection, and digital technologies with a focus on difficult questions related to habitat renewal, conservation and restoration. This busy working also artist finds time to be an active community volunteer and has contributed to community projects in Guatemala and the Dominican Republic.

Marcello - Quechua, Bolivia, Elder, University Professor,  Phd.

Our work is dedicated to our elder, Marcello who joined his ancestors for his final voyage in 2023. We are humbled by the way he carried himself, his life path and his relationship building and truth speaking. 

Rachelle Lapensee (Bero) - Rachelle is a Kanien’kehá:ka woman of mixed ancestry. Her Eel clan family-line goes back to the Bero's of Akwesasne. She is a passionate gardener, seed stewardess, keeper of traditional plant knowledge, and an artisan in her spare time. Rachelle has been with the Eagle and Condor Collective since 2017, working as a helper at many of the collectives' hosted events. She is currently acting as our Social Media Liaison and Working Group Director, with future plans to join us in a few upcoming educational videos. She helps behind the scenes with photo editing, and online content, as well as event planning.


Alma Lo - Turtle Clan, Tuscarora , Elder, Seedkeeper, Gardener

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